SIOR Chicago Chapter members attended the May 12th SIOR Chicago Chapter luncheon at Gibsons in Rosemont. Ryan Moen, SIOR led an insightful discussion with Duke Long, Entrepreneur in Residence with NAR REach, a global technology accelerator backed by the National Association of Realtors. The talk was focused on the staggering amount of investment in proptech, and how technology can solve for better human (and client!) connections, improve process, and help you stand out in a sea of vanilla when pursuing new clients or trying to keep existing ones.

L to R: Duke Long, Entrepreneur in Residence, NAR Reach; Ryan Moen, SIOR

Our members were very interested to know which technologies Duke was especially bullish on, given NAR REach has nearly 200 companies in its portfolio. Without further ado, here are Duke’s top five proptech recommendations:

  • DEALIUS. Dealius is a back-end software brokerage management platform (BMP) that allows a user to view cash flow and broker earnings; manage receivables and invoices; check tasks and workflows and monitor leaderboards.

  • OTSO. With Otso, landlords gain protection, tenants keep their cash, and leases get done faster. This tool turns the security deposit process into an insurance-based policy rather than forcing companies to write a big check or tie up lines of credit. Otso is backed by A-rated insurance companies, and brokers are incentivized to use it.
  • CREtelligent. CREtelligent (formerly eScreenLogic) is a “one-stop” CRE due diligence platform offering full-service environmental, valuation, and flood reporting as well as full portfolio asset risk monitoring and a number of other “Platform-as-a-Service” offerings.
  • LEASEUP. Did you know 15% of CRE leases continue to be paid even though they are expired? This lease administration tool manages all the lease terms, gives critical date prompts, integrates market data, creates digital surveys and interactive building comparisons, and packages it all into beautiful surveys, reports, and tour books.
  • ProDeal. ProDeal is an efficient way to manage due diligence, replacing email chains, conference calls and file-sharing tools with a single platform. It aims to keep deals moving with less work. Document verification, signature page creation and virtual notarization are added features that lend simplicity to the process.