SIOR Chicago Chapter Members,

Every passing day brings new reports of unprecedented and increasing impacts caused by the COVID-19 crisis on communities and businesses, with all parties scrambling to understand the consequences of these developments.

We want you to know that we are here to support our Members, provide shared information, and to help with communication amongst not only our Members but everyone in the industry. The CDC has advised that all public gatherings consider rescheduling for the next eight weeks, so our monthly meetings will be either cancelled or rescheduled for a later date. Our staff is looking into platforms for holding virtual meetings, and we hope to have more information on those opportunities soon.

The economic impacts of this crisis are already profound, and we recognize that now and, in the future, our members will need one another’s ideas, collaboration and partnership more than ever before. We encourage everyone to use the resources available to stay in touch digitally and via phone. Now is the time to make that extra effort to come together as a community. This can come in the form of engaging in social media outlets, staying in touch via email – or just picking up the phone to check in.

We’d also like you to know that SIOR, at the global level, is stepping up to support communities during the COVID-19 crisis. Today, SIOR is announcing the Community Assistance and Relief in Emergencies (CARE) program to provide immediate support for nonprofit and philanthropic services in need. Many organizations such as food banks, shelters, school food distribution centers, and emergency medical organizations, are in need of additional space to operate and meet the needs of their communities. As experts in commercial real estate with unmatched connections locally, regionally and across the world, SIORs are uniquely positioned to quickly find the space that these groups desperately need.

Through the CARE program, a nonprofit will be able to quickly engage with SIOR via a newly launched landing page – SIOR.COM/CARE. The user will be able to share contact information, their organization’s circumstances, and the specific needs not being met. From there, SIOR members within the appropriate geographical region will be quickly notified of the request and will be able to provide advice, contacts, or if applicable, direct the person to a property owner(s) who can help accommodate the group’s needs.

Through CARE, an organization searching for a commercial real estate space can quickly get up and running, helping their neighbors in a matter days or even hours.

If a community support group like those outlined above is in need of help, advice, or contacts that can provide assistance in locating an appropriate commercial space, they are encouraged to visit the CARE website today.

We look forward to the day we can get back to in-person meetings and events.

Stay safe, and know we are in this with you.


Tom Boyle

SIOR Chicago Chapter President 2020